Sairiama Entertainment is a small network of book authors, creative personalities and streamers.

This Includes:

- Association with New Virtual Worlds, which is where we produce and sell books such as "Jo-Eb's Quest" by Raymond Schmidt, and "Necrosis" by Syrus Sairiama.


-KingRayRay Ray on Twitch, where you can find game play related videos.


-CherryDaFox on Twitch, where you can join in live on gaming related content.

- Kaiojinn on Twitch where you can find game play and game development related content.

-Affiliation with HelioX,  an independent promotional company set out to help new and underground content creators.  A full team of streamers, YouTubers, editors and more dedicated to bringing new and exciting content!

With Sairiama Entertainment we will lead you to the world of fiction and let your imagination take flight!

Books and Poems

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